Large Animal

Even when the clinic doors are closed, a doctor is on call (24 hours a day, 365 days a year) who can respond promptly to your emergency. Call the VMC clinic number and you will be directed to the veterinarian on call.

The VMC offers veterinarians and technicians that can assist you chuteside. Some of the chute work that we can perform includes:

  • Dehorning
  • Castration (cut/band)
  • Pregnancy Testing
  • Implants
  • Deworming
  • Vaccinations
  • TB Testing
  • Ear Tagging

Whether you need an animal euthanized or need diagnostic answers from a deceased animal, the veterinarians at the VMC have the skills and knowledge to help you come to a conclusion. If necessary, we can take tissue samples for local diagnostic lab testing and/or consult with you on possible treatments for other herd animals that may be affected.

Call the VMC for any concerns—big or small—you have in your herd. We have veterinarians on staff that can travel to your farm to help you from any health concern from a sore leg or slight cough to laceration repairs or down animals.

Whether you need a routine walk-through of your farm or consultation services, our knowledgeable veterinarians can help get and keep your livestock in good health to bring value to your operation.

Because what works for one farm may not be best for another, our veterinarians can help design a vaccination protocol tailored specifically for your operation. We are also able to formulate farm-specific autogenous vaccinations for your particular needs.

Laboratory diagnostics are a vital part of a healthy herd. Let the VMC help you with your blood collecting, tissue processing, and diagnostic work. We have access to both local and state diagnostic labs and can offer you protocol and/or treatment options best suited for your operation.

The Veterinary Medical Center has the technology for your OB service needs including:

  • Ultrasounding
  • Pregnancy Checking
  • Bull Fertility Exams
  • Emergency or Assisted OBs
  • Full line of OB products & equipment